TerraMar Ingredients focuses in Fish Oils, Fishmeals, and Fish Hydrolysates. We are in direct contact with the various suppliers from around the world. This includes the Wild Salmon Meal and Oil Suppliers in Alaska, the local Fishmeal factory on the coast, to the Anchovy Meal suppliers in Peru. We work in Aquaculture and Pet Food markets specifically dealing in railcar quantities down to 1 ton totes and drums. Our focus is on service and education. We bring a knowledge to our customers of these niche markets and help them make more educated and timely buying decisions.

Our history is 10 years strong in this niche business managing not only the procurement but the logistics of getting those products to your door. Lastly, and very importantly, we can follow the anti-oxidant requirements by our customers.

Our mission is to provide:  Market knowledge, Traceability, Service and of course, the highest quality marine ingredients.

Animal Feed Ingredients

Pet Food Ingredients

Agriculture Ingredients